A.D. Deertz is a men’s-only label based in Berlin, Germany. Their focus lies on what it’s best known for, quality fabrics and styles with an urban undertone. This derives from extensive globe-trotting activities where the cultural experiences inadvertently becomes distilled in the design process. Founded in 2000 by Wibke Deertz, the line-up has enjoyed a decade of success, blending qualitatively-high yet simple fabrics with unpretentious styles.

(Utrecht, 1984) In her own creations Stooker aims to liberate forms and patterns in clothing out of their predictable context which results in garments and accessories with an unexpected new meaning and function. Translation of archetypes in her designs results in an intriguing tension between recognisability and alienation. In her work she aspires to render timeless creations with the purpose to break through the fleeting cycle in fashion articles. According to Stooker it’s a way of design which fits in today’s fashion climate. ‘Frozen Moments’ is her newest production, which is entirely composed of unique ornaments. In this collection existing images from Stookers personal archive of magazines are recreated, resulting in an exciting new manifestation. 'Frozen Moments’ will be presented in spring 2012.
Bas Kosters is the innovator of the ‘Bas Kosters Studio’ to house all the fashion-related activities he undertakes as an artist in one company which is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. An opulent use of colors, intensive embroidery and the use of his signature prints are recognizable features of Bas’ work. Dolls also play a big part in his work you can find them in prints and as accessories.
(Schiermonnikoog 1983), Berber designs items of clothing that are characterized through the different ways in which they can be worn. The wearer can make choices in how he or she wants to wear the garment and is thus co-designer of the garment. In this way she wants to create a greater awareness of personal identity, sustainability is a recurring theme in this.
The label BLESS was created by Ines Kaag, based in Berlin, and Desiree Heiss in Paris. Their creation is born from true personal needs; aiming for simplicity and comfort throughout daily life while aspiring for more visionary horizons. An unlimited, fluid and contemporary creation. Bless is neither fashion nor anti-fashion, but conceives fashion as a subjective space of adaptation, transformable and multifunctional, opened to all possibilities. BLESS does not promote any style BLESS fits every style!
Boessert/Schorn is a Berlin, Germany based label by Sonia Boessert. The style is rough, unaccurate and nonchalant, it is fashion without straight lines and classic cuts. The label represents extraordinary items, combining materials with characteristic surfaces and structures especially knitwear in all its variations. Boessert/Schorn worked out special handcraft methods, knit techniques or dyeings, basically inspired by old things, craft and traditional costumes.


Bravoure was founded by Kim and Patricia and is based in Amsterdam. They believe in a label that makes collections inspired on aesthetics found in life, theatre and music.
Bravoure is the place were Kim and Patricia express their ideas – the place where they create what they are passionate for in life. The collections carries both essentials and exclusives – they focus on individual expressions – to embrace the little moments you just feel special and enlighten a bright spotlight when you’re ready for. All pieces are created to bring a little story or secret to your wardrobe.

C-Neeon by Clara Laskvoar and Doreen Schulz is based in Berlin, Germany, their designs are based on extensive prints which are always related to the pattern. They mix heavy knit with light silk fabrics or embroidery with hand printed fabrics or digital prints. The items are multi-coloured and the patterns, which are usually graphic and far removed from the Bauhaus tradition, are especially full of movement. Something that appears uninhibited whilst still on the hanger may look unconventional when you put it on, but also elegant and stylish.
Chillp by Roos Neeter was founded somewhere in between lots of coffees in London, Amsterdam raves where it is based and Florence fabric outlets. Completely in the spell of the underground clubbing scene Chillp started designing clothes that would be all about good-looking and long-lasting comfort, perfect for parties, after-parties and ehh after-after-parties, but more important, also for all the long following after hours. Made with the words cool and comfort in mind.
Christian Wijnants is the creator of the label by his own name and is based in Antwerp, Belgium. He draws inspiration from surrealism, dada and African folk art and is especially praised for his knitwear research and for his feminine and poetic style. He works with rich individuality and also puts great emphasis on the use of new fabrics.


de l’eefstijl is born.
with a collection that visualizes the
first years of a human being.
each garment baptized.
just like you i will grow older,
the collections are going to live
their own life.
wear me and experience the world
through the wonderful eyes of a little child..
Daisy Kroon by Daisy Kroon is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Her label reflects her personality – A jumble of contradictions. The girl and the ruffian. Playful yet intelligent. Explicit yet subtle. “I design what I would like to wear myself.” Daisy Kroons work is an invitation to simple wonder: a relaxed sense of mystery that is reflected in the casual, but intricate designs and the comfortable textiles she works with. Daisy holds the wearers’ comfort in high regard and invites the wearer to interpret the clothing in her own way.

Femke Agema combines art with fashion, exploring the areas of objects and outfits; usage of intense colors. When thinking about spring/summer 2012, Femke Agema couldn’t get past the doomsday predictions of the Mayans that the world would end in the year 2012. Come hell or high water, all the talk of apocalyptic destruction of the world inspired Femke to create Drijf, a water themed end-of-the-world collection. Having a rather positive take on this catastrophic event, Femke doesn’t give rise to doom and gloom, instead she plays up her signature aesthetic that is colorful and lighthearted.

Furansu is a label by designer Annie Ching and based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The label is based on the following elements of Style, Simplicity, Quality and Fun. They apply these values to every detail of everything they do. By combining timeless simplicity with contemporary edge and interesting details, Furansu makes distinctive luxury knitwear for modern professionals with personal integrity and an eye for good design. People who are confident enough to be sophisticated, yet curious enough to be fashionable.

Karssenberg-Greidanus is an Amsterdam based label by Sanne Karssenberg and Cleo Greidanus that, using fashion as media, researches several different themes , such as power, autonomy, commerce and survival. In KG’ work these big themes are constantly being related to one another. In a world that is dominated by power systems and consumption the possibility to remain autonomous ( and thus to survive ) is becoming more and more difficult. Their work usually comprises a fashion collection- a series of designs that reflect our ideas in the form of a product or presentation. The starting point of their collections is always an extensive research , usually about the function and meaning of clothing. Many of their designs refer to the protective function of clothing- against nature as well as society. Natural materials such as leather and wool are dominant. Their style is sober and raw, but also refined. By conducting form experiment our mostly colourless garments receive there strong lines. With intensive handicraft the garments are functionally decorated and refined.

The ‘Ready-to-Wear’ line KOMMENT. is a statement on each High Fashion collection of the Berlin label kimberit.
An interpretation for the everyday life of a nonchalant but feminine woman with a shot of anarchistic attitude.
KOMMENT. is fabricated at the highest stage using noblest sustainable material while also bringing kimberit’s work to a wider public.
Marloes Blaas, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands stands for wearable clothes with the objective quality and ruggedness with a female fleugje nonchalance. Traditional forms and functions of clothing are often forgotten as reference. The materials are pure and natural fabrics such as linen, leather, silk and knits. All this translates into high-end fashion for working women.
MLY by Emily Hermans is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and is all about the rhythmic, repetitive patterns and graphic patterns used in the collections to create MLY's own signature. Also characterizes its traditional approach to fashion, her preference for working out the material and technique. She uses various production techniques such as knitting, weaving and (digital) printing.
Monique Poolmans is a womenswear label based in Delft, The Netherlands. The label focuses on abstract and contemporary shapes and has a minimalistic and raw approach. The designs are characterised by refined details and the use of delicate high-end fabrics like silk and wool. Part of the collection is made out of ecological materials. All of the clothing is designed and handmade in a studio in Delft. Quantity is no goal, only designs that matter.
NŌN by KIM redefines the male wardrobe from a conceptual, refined and modern perspective. Dutch designer Kim Bakker mutates the archetypes of men's garments to push and explore the boundaries of menswear. Fuelled by a love of abstraction, the everyday beauty that lies hidden in details, the listening to structured chaotic sounds and the viewing of slowly unfolding stories. The style is highly consistent, and will therefore never age. This makes the designs very sustainable.


Nynke Eggen has an intuitive method of working. She doesn´t plan or draw her designs in advance, but allows them to arise and grow in an intuitive process. By cutting pattern pieces open in unusual places she creates folds and unplanned drapings in the garments. By this way of working she transforms a garment into her own distinctive silhouette. In addition to conventional fabrics Nynke makes use of renewable or fair trade fabrics and leather that is left over from various production processes, and uses this approach to contribute to a sustainable and fair market.

Behind the label Reality Studio is the Berlin, Germany based designer Svenja Specht. In her clothing, she cuts up fragments of memories, mixes up impressions and adds experiences. The result is a demanding new combination that is left up to the person who wears the fashion to define it. Her dresses, all-in-ones, hoodies, skirts, pants and jackets move between street and avant garde and are created from silk, jersey and cotton. Her journeys have inspired Svenja's ideas and taught her to step into new territory and to jump fearlessly into unknown waters.
ROPAROSA by Roos Van Der Kamp is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She focuses on sharp lines and a comfortable fit for the powerful, playful female it is all about exciting women towards a dynamic, powerful lifestyle. The style is best described as comfortable power dressing, masculine lines are combined with a feminine fit and executed with sportswear inspired materials.

The 'Soepboer & Stooker Collection' genealogical register will display the basic principle of the collection in progress. A new appearance will be given to objects from our daily life. 'function can be collected' is an installation that connects garments, textiles and accessoiries into a new perspective. Collection pieces were on display at amongst others DROOG design, Willet Holthuijsen and &FOAM.
STAT is the result of a collaboration between Belgian designer Lenny Leleu and Dutch designer Ingrid MT Meyer. They create minimalistic, luxurious pieces with sustainable materials and production processes up to every detail. They create ethical fashion, combining chic minimalist cuts with luxury sustainable fabrics. The result is a collection of unique, yet timeless separates and accessories: a wardrobe essential for any independent fashion fanatic with a conscience.
Swantje Langeheine is a German designer who is based in Amsterdam. She was so inspired by the roller blind she decided to use the techniques in her designs. You can dress through this system with a beaded cord that is woven into the garment shorter or longer and so have the sexy nature of content you dress yourself. First a business dinner and then a wild night with your girlfriends? A dress appropriate outfit twice! This ingenious system attributes and bourgeoisie with the use of fine weaving techniques create a collection that is full of nice details.
Tim Van Steenbergen the label is based in Antwerp, Belgium. The motivation in his work is to transfer craftsmanship and the old values into different and modern designs. Every garment is created by hand on the dummy to develop its characteristic shape. These traditional construction process and unique draping techniques guarantee a high appreciated quality and an exclusive collection, he creates fashion without constricting it’s concepts.


ANTIATOMS began in 2005 as a multidisciplinary project. Its members Aránzazu Moreno B, Alejandra Salvatore and Sofía Uquillas first met as Fashion Design students in the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid. They come from different backgrounds (Art Direction, Architecture and Fine Arts - Museography); these disciplines complement each other allowing them to have a strong all round vision. Above all else, ANTIATOMS believes in following a rigorous conceptual process to get to the final object or design. This is what gives meaning to their creations.

b i a n c a s p e i j k
b i a n c a s p e i j k is the name of the label by Bianca Speijk based in Rotterdam. This label has a modern look at fashion and the style can be described as sober an minimalistic. Designs without decoration and surplus details; it’s all about the pureness of a form. BIEK and WALT are dolls of approximately 75 centimeters. They are quite heavy pieces and can be used as a doll and as an artpiece.

Heleen Klopper is a designer that is interested in the tension between material and object. When an iron fence is softened with a felt skin, does its function change? Will it protect or block with a different attitude? Imagine that a letter (a, b, c...) grows a beard. At what moment will it change from a readable 'sign' into an autonomous hairy object? And does the electric blue 'woolfiller' repairs a damaged carpet, or is it slowly eating away the old structure and takes over? Questions that matter in the universe of Klopper.

Gylda Jewellery by Katrine Kristensen

Trained as a jeweller in Denmark and now finishing her MA at the royal college in London.



A light bulb for your ear! Allways an idea on the road. Place an order now for only € 12,50 a pair. By Johanneke Lamoraal Wichers.

L FOR LAZARUS is inspired by the individuality of Amsterdam and how people adapt their personal style to this wonderful city. This label is by Nicolette Lazarus, originaly English but now based in Amsterdam, Nicolette designs for women who are passionate and positive in their pursuits, and know what they want from fashion accessories: style, quality, versatility and the ability to transform their look on a daily basis. “I wanted to create something that would keep both the ears and the neck warm whilst looking great and offering multiple choices for usage. The hat and the scarf can be worn separately but the unique element is that the two are also attachable with snap fastenings, and this way all sensitive parts of the head can be covered, stylishly.”

Visual artist Marijke Neppelenbroek is an Amsterdam based jewellery designer.

Nothingness like a fallen lamp becomes a story of a man who builds a house and conquers a 
woman. Sometimes the line of the story is recognizable immediately, but often it is not at the surface. The work is a gentle, colorful world built out of different materials. A puzzle in which
 the parts together tell a new story.


Siddharta Bekers is the Amsterdam based designer behind “Pieces of Siddh” all pieces are handmade and therefore authentic. The characteristic feel of the pieces is underwritten by the use of antique buttons, hand knotted leather and a minimalistic design. Antiques, refined materials and faded colours are the keystones of the collection. Siddh refers to the items in her collection as ‘pieces’ because it’s her belief you’ll wear it wherever you go and whatever you do. In a way a piece of Siddh will become a part of you.

These beautiful magnetic butterfly broches are the work of graphic artist Mathijs Prins of Prins Design.

'Circus glitter or the faded glory of amusement parks such as Coney Island – no nicer symbols exist for the concurrence of high expectations and their unfeasibility. The world behind people’s dreams is Roos van Soest’s specialism. Based in Amsterdam she has made narrative jewellery full of incidents and anecdotes, which together bear witness to a heart-rending vision of our society. The threatened collapse of the world economy underlines the relevance of Van Soest’s ideas. Her jewellery does, however, contain a glimmer of hope. Its is proof that freedom exists within us and that fantasy rules.'

Sayon Daan is the creator the these handy fold away bags, use it to carry home you’r new garments from Soepboer&Stooker or roll it up and keep in you’r hand bag for later.

The Amsterdam designs by Tassen van Tadei are durably made by Italian craftsman. The best Italian leather is used, for a sensatioal soft feel. The use of natural colour is typical TADEI and easy to combine. It’s composed character and elegant shape makes a TADEI bag suit all different styles. The cool and timeless models strengthen women in comfortable clothing as well as in chich outfits.
TADEI offers a collection full of varierty for a rich life: on the go. At work and a party.

Tarra- G is the label of designer bags by Chistina Koster and is celebrated with a special, natural leather. Her handmade bags are made using pure material, including any present imperfections like scars. In each skin lies a unique object, a bag by Christina is characterized by the use of the whole skin. These characteristics give her bags a pure and timeless character.



The magazine All About Art + Scenery introduces the world of art, museums, galleries and manifestations to an audience yet unfamiliar with the art-world. The design refers to digital representation of imagery to emphasize the playful approach of its content.

OE MAGAZINE (magazine)

Πis an independent fashion magazine from Berlin. Twice a year, it acts as a platform for the German, and particularly the Berlin fashion scene.
Œ largely refrains from ‘describing’ current trends and ideas in fashion, but instead concentrates on showing fashion by purely focusing on images. In every issue, 10 photo editorials reveal what keeps designers, photographers, stylists and hair & make-up artists moving these days. Production-wise, Œ strives to maximise the potential of printed matter. Different paper qualities and special production features make Œ an item that people like to hold, keep and collect. As the owner of ARNE EBERLE PRESS + SALES Arne represents a range of upcoming fashion designers with focus on Berlin.

BIS PUBLISHERS (publishers)

BIS has earned a national and international reputation for prizewinning books for creative professionals and their clients in all areas including graphic design, fashion, architecture, product design and advertising. Well known is the prestigious series of Dutch Design books, which BIS has published every two years since 1990 in collaboration with the Association of Dutch Designers BNO. BIS Publishers is an independent company founded in 1986 by the present director and publisher Rudolf van Wezel.
Books in stock:
*Blood In Blood Out
*Street Style Memory Game


Celebrating 10 Years of Themelessness

Designed by Manuel Raeder, this fully illustrated book features for the first time the wide range of the French-German experimental fashion duo Bless’ activity and documents a unique mode of cultural production. Also available; the second edition.


UNTRANSLATABLES Brings together words from different languages that are considered untranslatable. This collection is not Conceived as a dictionary, nor as an encyclopedia, but as an "imaginary word universe", pointing out the shortcomings and impossibilities of language and translation while Revealing the incapability and human need to give everything a name. A colorful answer to the gray in our everyday language. This book is a result of a collaboration between Yolanda de los Bueis, Elisa Marchesini, Christoph Schwartz and Sarah Vanhee.

FANTASTIC MAN (magazine)

Fantastic Man is a semi-annual men's fashion magazine which was launched in 2005. It presents men's fashion by detailed interviews with male celebrities and intellectuals from many different backgrounds. The magazine has been lauded for its art direction, winning the British D&AD award for Best Magazine & Newspaper Design in 2008 and is also known for the quality of its writing and its arch, sometimes ironic, editorial voice.


By Heidi Vogels
One in between two and three (Sep - Dec 2006 Barcelona) investigates the dimension of the model (or actor) in relation to their everyday life surroundings. The project portrays Kenya, Wassim and Samanta, involves moments of the alternative fashion shows of Circuit and concludes with a group portrait involving everyone who took part in the projects development. The series of images, carefully composed into a publication, attempt to connect the vast, more mental space of the image with the actual shape of things; - lines, clothes, people, streets or just a conversation.


Idea Books is an international wholesaler and distributor of high quality books and catalogues on contemporary architecture, art, photography, design, fashion, and film.
Books in stock:
*Refusing Fashion by Rei Kawakubo
*Sathal Creatures
*Stockholm A/W 09
*The Exhibition by Maison Martin Margiela
*Veronique Branquinho


Inge Rylant is an illustrator and graphic designer from Antwerp. I love Coast Brava is a beautiful book with more then 60 pages of original screenprint with a limited edition of 50 copies.


Items Magazine offers the Dutch view to design, covering all design disciplines. Based in Amsterdam, we look at design internationally from a Dutch perspective. Currently the magazine is in Dutch only, but that will change in the not so distant future.


Girls Like Us magazine was founded by Jessica Gysel and Kathrin Hero in 2005. 
In 2009 Vela Arbutina stepped in as new art director and co-editor. The magazine is made in Amsterdam, published in New York and available in the bigger cities worldwide.


In "On Display" Maurice Scheltens demonstrates the art of staging and reassembling objects into surreal miniature worlds. His style is playful and highly personalised and his work ranges from art pieces to applied projects and editorial commissions. Rearranged and reedited for this glossy-book, the photographs in On Display represent an overview of Scheltens’s work of the last ten years. Alongside commissions from Vitra and Nike, Fantastic Man and Wallpaper, it also includes work for galleries and museums. An essay by Emily King reflects on Scheltens’s multi-layered constructions and cross-references the worlds of fashion, design, architecture, painting, photography and graphics.


Ik hou van deze stad Amsterdam
(shop cityguide)
Mike's guides; It is my goal to make this guide the best of its kind in the world. Remarkably, I never started with this motivation. On the contrary, I started without much inspiration this was just a way to make money. The spontaneity and passion of my first guide 1996 I have long since lost. But while working on this guide, I finally discovered what it my work really must go, "and do it for the money and the show,
but what do you do with heart and soul. "
And the good thing is that this is exactly the issue has become of this guide. I went looking for people I recognize in this passion.To normal, hardworking people. People who work, and for the money and for the show, but the work doing what they do with heart and soul.


A collection of post cards from the Graduation show July 2011
'Nooit meer heimwee'. 
Shown also at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague.


teNeues works with top authors to bring readers the finest visual communication in the areas of architecture, travel, beauty, design, popular culture, fashion, lifestyle and living. So, it's no surprise that these exclusive illustrated volumes are recognized worldwide. Thanks to exacting standards in layout, typography, and visuals as well as tasteful handling of subject matter, the books grace the most distinguished residences and decorate coffee tables on all continents.
Books in stock: Famouse Faces; Hasselbald Masters; Tim Walker – The Lost Explorer; Collecting Fine Art; Bruno Bisang – 30 Years of Polariods; Portfolio - Inez van Lamsweerde; Portfolio – Nobuyoshi Araki; Portfolio – Karl Lagerfeld; Portfolio – Guy Bourdin; Portfolio – Hedi Slimane; Portfolio – Helmut Newton; Portfolio – Erwin Blumenfeld

ACT(e),Tin van Steenbergen

By Veerle Windels and Ludion Publishers. Convincing Tim van Steenbergen to speak is not a difficult task. This Belgian designer juggles with words. He measures and weighs them, makes subtile distinctions. He knows what he wants, in fashion and in life. Over the last decade, Tim van Steenbergen has extended the boundaries of the land of fashion. He creates fashion without restricting it to concepts. His work centres on the human body of a man, a woman, an actress, a dancer or an opera singer. This designer begins his quest for form with the contours of individial people. Tim van Steenbergen drapes and sculpts, passionately and quickly, aware that the process of getting somewhere is as important as the arrival. Fashion journalist Veerle Windels paid several visits to Tim Van Steenbergen and recorded the essence of their conversations in a personal narrative. In ten brief chapters, she sketches a portrait of this thinker and architect in Belgian fashion.


1/2 is a project of artistic exchange
between four french graphic
designers/illustrators, who live
in four european capitals.

1/2 is an online space to share
and discuss each others work.
1/2 is a biannual original
self-published hand-made zine.
1/2 is around the corner
1/2 is Laure Boer, Anne-Pauline Mabire,
Lucie Pindat and Chloé Thomas.
1/2 lives in Amsterdam, Berlin,
Paris, Rennes and Vienna.
1/2 is anywhere anyway.


Valiz is a young company that was founded by Astrid Vorstermans to respond to developments in contemporary art, photography, architecture and design in a broad-based and imaginative way. The driving force behind this effort is the publication of books, on our own initiative or for others. Valiz produces critical, reflective, attractive books that attempt to explore the subject in a way that is fully in tune with it and to provide any possible links with other disciplines.
Books in stock: *Alexander Van Slobbe, and... and... and..., *Anita and 124 other portraits by Anuschka Blommers & Niels Schumm, *Joke Robaard – Folders Suits Pockets Files Stock